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This journal will be edited as needed

Hello all!  And welcome to the one and only Boople Snoots group!
This group is recommended for any Boop owners that would like to submit art of their Boops for the rest of the BS community to see.
Of course, like all closed species groups, we have guidelines that you'll need to follow for anything to be accepted.
Please make sure to go through this journal as much as you can so we can avoid conflict!  Thank you!

General Rules

The Dos and Don'ts
DOs ::
:bulletgreen:FEEL FREE TO JOIN THE GROUP!! Member submissions are auto-approved, and you DON'T NEED TO HAVE A BOOP TO JOIN!!
:bulletgreen:Submit any art of your Boop to the group!  We'd love to see what you made!
:bulletgreen:Submit any commissions you've paid for of your Boop!
:bulletgreen:Submit any APPROVED MYO Boops!
:bulletgreen:Make sure to remove any closed commission journals, as well as closed trade journals when their purpose is completed.
:bulletgreen:Be kind, courteous, and respectful to all members.
:bulletgreen:Watermark your work!  It's the best way to avoid theft!

DON'Ts ::
:bulletred:Submit anything that is NOT a Boople Snoot.  We are not open to other closed species.
:bulletred:Spam the group with advertisements.  Any commission journals for Boops can be submitted to the group.
:bulletred:Create / submit any "fan-made" or made-up Boops that have not been approved by banANNUmon or Lucid-Truth .  These Boops will be confiscated and resold as official Boops to someone else, and the creator will be blacklisted from having any official BSs.
:bulletred:Spam the group with multiple similar commission / trade journals.  Please be neat and tidy when submitting anything to the journals folders.
:bulletred:Harrass Boop owners to trade or sell their Boop to you.
:bulletred:Submit rant/general topic journals.
:bulletred:Submit seeking/searching/looking for Boops / Original species journals.
:bulletred:Sell / Trade / Gift a MYO slot until it is completed and approved.


What are Boople Snoots?
Boople Snoots are small, guinea pig sized canines with a short, squat body, and large noses, called "snoots".  They also have a floating ring(s) around their tails, helping to light up where they wander around, as well as ward off any larger species that might see them as a tasty snack, flashing them brightly to temporarily blind enemies as the Boops make their escape.  Their ears are always folded down to keep any dirt from getting into them as they dig.  Boops are mostly blind, and heavily rely on their noses to get around anywhere.  Their main diet consists of gems and stones, and they primarily live in caves to make sure they meet their dietary needs.  

A deity type snoot will be introduced soon, and will be the creator of the Boops, as they are unable to reproduce, or breed!

Can I make my own Boople Snoot?
No.  Boople Snoots are a CLOSED ORIGINAL SPECIES, created by banANNUmon and co-owned by Lucid-Truth.  The only people with permission to create Boople Snoots without needing to pay is those two.  The only time Boople Snoots are allowed to be made by the general public is for special MYO events, as well as purchasing them from banANNUmon, or Lucid-Truth.  Pricing for MYOs can be found here ::

Can I trade or resell my Boop?
Yes.  Trading and gifting are 100% OK!  When reselling a Boop, we ask that you stick to selling it at the same price you bought it for, even if there is extra art as an add on.  We also ask that any Boops you get in a trade or as a gift to NOT be sold.  Please do not try to make a profit off of something you didn't pay points or cash for.

Also, when trading, please be aware that there are scammers out there.  If someone has not given you their half of the trade, you are free to cancel the trade after 3 months.  If you feel the trader is genuine, you are free to stick around and wait for the rest of your payment.  Please make sure if you are backing out of a trade (ONLY AFTER 3+ MONTHS), to note them to let them be aware that the trade is cancelled.  We would like to protect BS owners as much as we can, but we ask that you please follow the guidelines.

If an artist has started on any art included in a trade, don't be afraid to ask them for a WIP, and if it's not satisfactory, you are okay to decline the trade.  Please though, don't take advantage of this if the artist is already very well into the art owed, as it's not fair to them to be declined of a trade if they're already halfway done!!

Can I co-own a Boop with someone else?
Yes, it is perfectly fine to co-own a specific Boop with someone else.  PLEASE NOTIFY THE MASTER ACCOUNT IF A BOOP IS CO-OWNED AND WE WILL GET VERIFICATION AND MARK YOU AS A CO-OWNER!
It's best to keep your co-owns between friends, and not between too many people, as it can get overwhelming to keep track of everything.  Please do not sell your co-own spot if it was given to you freely, or if it was obtained in a trade.  Also, if reselling a co-own spot, you are not allowed to sell it for more than you paid for it.  It is suggested to keep in contact with the other co-owners to make sure nothing bad happens in case someone deactivates their dA account or is gone from dA for long periods of time (exchanging skype / facebook / email information is best!).  We cannot protect you if someone deactivates without warning and you have not kept in contact with the co-owner, as you are not allowed to break any co-owns due to inactivity.

You are NOT allowed to claim back a co-own unless you fully refund what was given to you.  If you have other rules and guidelines to how you like to co-own, please inform the other party to make sure there is no tension or confusion between anyone.

Can I create a similar "theme" for a MYO slot to someone else's if one is already taken?
All we ask is that you do not directly duplicate a theme or idea.  You are free to make something similar, with either a similar name or idea, but directly copying an already created Boopss with very little to no differences is considered theft, and will not be tolerated.  Anyone who does this intentionally and doesn't acceptably change the Boop will be blacklisted and blocked from the group.

Can I post the original copy of the Boop I received in a trade/adopt batch/contest/etc. to my deviantART gallery?
Only if you put a watermark on it, and credit banANNUmon and/or the original MYO creator.
Please make sure to ALWAYS tag banANNUmon in your description for any of the Boops you have permission to make, or of any art of the Boop you own.

If you have any further questions, don't be shy.  Either note the group or ask us down in the comments below!

Folder Guidlines


Official Adopts

This folder is meant for anyone to submit their APPROVED MYO Boops.  Anyone who submits unapproved Boops will be declined.

This folder is meant for any art of your Boops!  This includes all digital, and traditional artwork, as well as official Boop art (make sure it is watermarked though to prevent theft!)

This folder is meant for any crafts / physical goods of your Boops!  This includes plushes, charms, figures, and any other physical goods.

Commission Journals - YCH
This folder is meant for any commission journals, or Your Character Here art JUST for Boople Snoots.  Other journals, and art will be declined.

Trade Journals
This folder is meant for any trade / resell journals involving Boople Snoots.  SEEKING / LOOKING FOR JOURNALS ARE NOT ALLOWED

Contest Submissions
This folder is meant for any contest entries.  Members will be notified when this folder is open--otherwise, do not submit to it!</B>
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